Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19


Presbyterian Thrift Shop
Located at 210 Washington in Rochelle, this ongoing mission project provides families and individuals with affordable clothing and household items.  Members of the community donate all items sold to the thrift shop and the shop is staffed entirely by volunteers.  Additional help is always needed.  The Thrift Shop is open Tuesdays through Fridays, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and Saturdays, 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Rochelle Christian Food Pantry
First Presbyterian Church, along with other area churches, supports the Rochelle Christian Food Pantry through contributions of food.  Located at 770 West Lincoln Avenue, the pantry is staffed by volunteers.  This is only one of several area missions in which First Presbyterian Church is a part.  The Food Pantry is open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 1-3:30p.m.  Please bring proof of ID with you and proof of your address (a piece of mail).
Active Involvement in the Rochelle Area
Hub Area Pastors
Hub City Senior Center
Transport for Christ
Rochelle Rescue Mission
Focus House (Friends of Children Under Supervision)
Meals on Wheels
HOPE (Shelter for Abused Women & Children)
Ogle County Hospice
Village of Progress (serving disabled adults of Ogle County)
Tres Dias and other Renewal Weekends 

Global Missionaries

Amber & Jony Cruz at Casa Hogar

 Casa Hogar Orphanage, Mexico
Casa Hogar Alfa is located in Huajuapan, Mexico, an orphanage for lost and unwanted children.  The goal is to help as many children as they can, by teaching them "about their Heavenly Father and his love." Through our prayers, encouragement and financial support they are changing the lives of many children. 
Casa Hogar was started in 2000 when the Cruz family, feeling the call of God upon their lives to minister to the needs of families, began to take neglected children into their own home.  As Casa Hogar grew, Freddie and Berta Cruz began searching and praying for a more suitable place to live.  After much prayer, a piece of land was donated!  With the help of many, their new home started to take shape and can now house over 50 children.  In addition, this new facility has a workshop for the boys to learn a trade, and a sewing room for the girls.  But most importantly, it is a safe place for these children to come and receive love.
Amber & Jony Cruz
Amber (Medema) Cruz is a longstanding member of First Presbyterian and has given her life of mission work to Casa Hogar.  Amber has been in Mexico for many years teaching at the Casa Hogar Alfa Orphanage.  While working there, Amber met Jony.  They were married and now give their lives to volunteering at the orphanage.  Their work is all voluntary; they do not receive any payment for the work they provide.  They have two sons and two daughters.

Three Angels Children's Relief, Haiti

Three Angels Children's Relief, Haiti
Three Angels Children’s Relief started in 2003 by opening Angel House to meet the needs of Haitian orphans who did not receive quality care and who lacked the prospect of a better future.  The orphanage began with a strong value of providing the highest level of care and the highest level of integrity.  Based in Petionville (right outside Port au Prince), Three Angels has sought to help both orphans and families struggling to escape poverty.  Over the years other core programs have been developed including an elementary school, a staffed medical clinic, as well as agricultural and jobs programs, to meet the needs of the at-risk families.  The goal for Three Angels Children’s Relief is to target those at-risk families in Haiti helping them escape severe poverty and begin a journey towards a healthy, sustainable life for their children.

Meru, Kenya

Kenyan Sister Church
Located in Meru, Kenya, is our sister church.  In addition to our prayers, we support this congregation through free-will offerings and pen pal activities.  First Presbyterian Church has sent members to visit our fellow Christians at the Meru church, and they have visited our congregation.
Imenti Presbyteries, Kenya
Through our Blackhawk Presbytery Partnership, First Presbyterian supports the ministry of the Imenti Presbyteries in the foothills of Mt. Kenya - training events for Deacons, Elders, Pastors and Evangelists, the construction of a guest house and the enabling of partnerships between churches in the Blackhawk and Imenti Presbyteries.