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Doug Forsberg

Senior Pastor


Jim Tilley

Minister of Discipleship

Worship This Sunday

Sunday, April 26

Title:  Ya Think Ya Know Someone…
Text:  John 14: 6- 14

“Ya think ya know someone…”  So we may feel when someone we thought we knew well suddenly lets us down.  They weren’t as good-hearted, caring, or as reliable as we had hoped… But what about the reverse?  With Jesus… He’s better… far better, than we could have hoped, more amazing, glorious and loving than we’ve ever known…  In this passage, Philip (one of the Twelve), reveals that even though he’s been around Jesus daily for three years — well, it turns out he hardly knows Him. How could that be? For Phil: and for us?   Let’s know Jesus — far better than ever!  See you on Sunday as we continue the “I Am” series!


The Hand Bell Choir will play at the 9:00 service this Sunday.



The Lunch and Dessert Auction which was scheduled for this Sunday, April 26, has been cancelled.


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