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Doug Forsberg

Senior Pastor


Jim Tilley

Minister of Discipleship

Worship This Sunday

Sunday, September 21  

The unforgettable life of Joseph — the original Dreamer — introduces our fall study, Dare To Dream Again.  Joseph should know how to Dare To Dream Again.  His dreams got “sand kicked in the face”:  not once, not twice, but three times.  How can we possibly “get off the mat”?   How can we see what God is doing even in the midst of dream-shattering situations?  How can we Dare To Dream Again?  If Joe could find out: so can we.  Join us this Sunday!  P.S.  You may want to read the whole version of his story on your own this week:  Genesis 37-50.  Attempted murder, attempted adultery, betrayal, false accusation… being totally abandoned and forgotten…  It’s a page-turner. 


And a life-changer.


Title:  Down Before Up

Text:  Genesis 37:2-8, 18-21, 28. 

Genesis 39:1-3, 6-14, 19-21. 

Genesis 45:1-8. 

Genesis 50:15-21














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