Letters from 2019

The Church Isn't ...
May 8
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Happy Easter
April 24
Late in the afternoon on Easter Sunday, I found myself sitting in a chair in the backyard soaking in the sunshine on a 75-degree cloudless, beautiful day. “How strange,” I thought to myself, “that last week at this time we were shoveling away 5 inches of heavy, wet snow.” After our long, hard winter, the warmth and sunshine were a gift – even if it brought a little sunburn with it.
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The Rochelle Presbyterian
April 10
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Big Changes
March 27
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Where Have You Come From?
March 13
Where have you come from? Where are you going? These questions are repeated frequently in the book The Pilgrim’s Progress. Whenever the main character in the book, Christian, encounters a fellow believer or heavenly being for the first time, they always ask him these two questions AND they always ask the questions together. No matter how mixed up he gets on his journey, Christian always has a ready answer for those who ask, telling them that he has come from the City of Destruction and is going to the Celestial City. When he says this, he means that he is on a journey (pilgrimage) from spiritual death to life, that as he follows Jesus Christ, he focuses his eyes on the New Jerusalem – the heavenly City of God.
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Sandra McCracken Concert
February 26
This Friday, March 1, at 7:00 p.m. we have the privilege of hosting Sandra McCracken in concert at the church. This is an opportunity to enjoy a night of beautiful music and to invite a friend to a church event. Sandra’s songs draw God’s people into worship and teach the Church to sing together again.
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February 12
Nothing says love on Valentine’s Day like a small, chalky, heart-shaped candy with messages like BE MINE, CALL ME, #LOVE, TXT ME or MISS YOU. Such candy is in short supply these days. NECCO (New England Confectionary Company), the company that made these hearts, went out of business last year, and although another company bought the product, that company couldn’t begin production soon enough to have the little hearts ready for their BIG DAY in 2019.
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January 30
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January 15
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