Letters from August, 2013

Let's Keep Honking!
August 28
Canadian Geese are full of trouble. First, we can’t decide whether they are called Canada Geese or Canadian Geese (the first is official, the second is what most people say). Second, they leave a mess wherever they decide to make their home whether that is on a golf course, in a cemetery or by the drainage pond between the new Lincoln Elementary School and San Gabriel Assisted Living Center. Third, they get awfully feisty about people getting close to their cute little goslings. Fourth, they no longer migrate for the summer and winter. Instead of just passing through, they stick around.
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August 14
Have you ever played 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Kevin Bacon is an actor who has appeared in many films over the years, and the point of the game is to see if players can link Bacon to other Hollywood stars within 6 connections. For instance, if Jim and Justin and I were sitting around one day by the water cooler playing 6 Degrees and I said, “Big Bird” to Jim, he might say, “Big Bird was in Roulette City in 2010, and Thomas Lim was in that movie and One Last Dance in 2006, and Harvey Keitel was in that movie and Taxi Driver in 1976 and Robert De Niro was in that movie and Sleepers in 1996 with Kevin Bacon.” At that point we would say, “Well played,” to Jim.
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