Letters from May, 2013

May 29
As you can imagine, moving has been on my mind of late. Of course, there are lots of details to think about like turning off the electricity in one place and turning it on in another, making sure we bring a pen to the settlement of the houses we are selling and buying, remembering to bring the dog with us and making sure the movers don’t bend the life size cardboard Obi-Wan Kenobi I keep in my study.
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May 15
Way, way back in the time machine, in the mid 1980s, a band called The Clash sang a song called Should I Stay or Should I Go? The song is not especially insightful or meaningful but it does capture a certain style that, like neon socks, never made it out of that decade. The title of the song captures its message, and I guess I got to thinking about that song (and humming the music in my head which hope fully you’ve been able to avoid to this point) as I thought about joining you in early June only to come back to Pennsylvania in the middle of the month.
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