Letters from October, 2015

What would Jesus do with a $20 bill?
October 28
What would Jesus do with a $20 bill? We asked that question on the church Facebook page, and these are some of the answers people gave: - Give $1 each to 20 different people, and see what they do with it???? - I think he would use it to buy take out for the Disciples since it looks like the table at the Last Supper wasn't overly stocked with a sumptuous bill of fare. - I'm sure He would probably use it to help someone in need, but then again I don't think He needs money in Heaven! - Set it on a log next to him and send the wind to pick it up and blow it away. Then he'd use that as in illustration of how valueless money is, yet how we chase after it relentlessly.
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First Presbyterian Church Pays Off Loan Balance!
October 14
Just this past week, the treasurer of the church, Stan Elson, walked into the First National Bank branch in Rochelle with a check in hand that would pay off the loan on the building expansion: a goal the church had been working toward for more than 11 years. On his way out of the bank, Mr. Elson could be heard humming the tune Zip-a-dee-do-dah Zip-a-dee-ay.
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