No Binoculars Needed!

June 21, 2017

No binoculars needed?  No indeed.   One of the themes in this year’s Vacation Bible School was looking for what God is up to:  we called those “God sightings!”.  You didn’t need any binoculars for that last week!


God Made You.  God Is For You.  God Is Always With You.  God Will Always Love You.  God Made You For A Reason.


Those were the five themes of the week, and the children really devoured them!   Many “God-sightings” — and “God-hearings” — along the way:  I “heard” the Lord in the children’s exuberant, passionate singing and praising.   We all know the difference between merely “singing a song”:  and truly praising Jesus with all your might.  If the church rafters looked a little higher and more stretched this past Sunday, it truly may be that the kids “raised” them with their praises!  It was a joy to hear parents delighting in “my child sings those songs now in the van all the time!”


I also saw God at work in a special way in the “closing” rallies.  The leaders would take the portable microphone out to the assembled children, and ask, “What did you learn today?”  Wow: rest assured these kids were tuned in!  I was delighted in their knowledge of God’s word — and their enjoyment of it! 


I loved seeing how well the VBS staff worked together!  Wow, you’d think the teachers had been coordinating their lessons since January!  Great combinations of teaching and — often hilarious — “active” learning!   I will never forget one helper leading the kids through a passageway under the tables in order to help “the spies of Jericho”!   They loved it!   Many, many thanks once again to our fabulous DCE Sara Slattengren and her devoted, passionate, hard working team!  Well done, good and faithful servants!


More “God sightings” could fill more than the newsletter could hold: kids showing Jesus’ love to each other through helping each other with crafts and games, older children helpers so obviously enjoying being the “big kids”; showing Jesus’ compassion to the little ones… and all of it surrounded by such joy… and love!


Those five themes— God Made You.  God Is For You.  God Is Always With You.  God Will Always Love You.  God Made You For A Reason. — are mighty for us big people, too.  Josh McDowell once said, “There are no deep truths to the Christian faith.  There are only basic truths that deepen with experience”.   I will be taking these five themes — and lots of precious memories of this week — ever deeper in my intimacy with Jesus.  Join me: and keep a look-out for God, who is always good, and always on the move. 


Much love in Jesus,



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