He Really Chose This: And You’re Why

December 20, 2017

We all love a great show.  I’m planning on seeing one Thursday with my dudes (aka sons).  It’s from a little unknown movie series called Star Wars.  Installment number 8, in fact.


The show will be new to us (I’ve even avoided internet peeking!).  But it will not be new to the actors and actresses, who have been rehearsing the same lines, even the same emotions, no doubt, for months.  And despite being extremely well-paid, we’re sure, for their performance, they really don’t have any choice about what to do or say.  That’s all determined by the company, the writer, and the director.  They’re following a script: because they have to…


Is that how you feel about what happened at that first Christmas?   Has it sunk down so far in the waters of familiarity, that you have a sense that Jesus, Mary, Joseph, The Wise Men, Shepherds, and King Herod (the Darth Vader of the ancient world) are all just plunking through a worn script: with no choice about the matter?


Well, that’s a thought definitely from the Dark Side!


The most incredible truth about Christmas is that the Eternal Son of God, Jesus Christ, willingly (and gladly) freely chose to be incarnate as that helpless, manger-occupying baby boy.  The hands that crafted a billion galaxies and spun them into the vast universe had to learn how to grab a toy.  He who was and is the Eternal Bread of Life had to be shown how to nurse.  And all the rest was likewise no “script” forced upon Him:  cold, hunger, exhaustion… and eventually, betrayal, flogging and crucifixion.


No, He chose to endure all that!  And gladly, I said?  Absolutely!  The “glad tidings” are that if we go beyond just treating it all as a mere “script”, but embrace the truth of our need for this glorious loving Savior: we can have Life!  Abundant Life!  Eternal Life!  Joys that are no mere “show”!


So as you love your friends and family this Christmas, as you worship and adore Jesus, tell Him, “thank You… thank you that You wanted to love me, wanted to save me, wanted to have me with you in eternal happiness… you didn’t ‘have’ to… but you wanted to: because you wanted me!”  And let this bliss of being so wanted propel you to invite others to Jesus… to worship…  may they come for a service… and leave with a Savior…


He really chose this.  And you’re why.  And that’s no show!


Much love to you at Christmas, and always,




p.s.  Do pray over whom to invite to Christmas Eve services!  It could change their life!



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