September 6, 2017

Strabismus, also known as wandering eye, is a condition that causes a person's eyes to focus on two different objects instead of just one.  There is a lack of coordination between the eyes so that they look in different directions.  Often, children who suffer from strabismus are treated cruelty by their peers and struggle in many parts of their lives.  We wouldn't want anyone to have strabismus, and we do our best to help those who suffer find healing so that their eyes can focus on one object at a time.


That's one of the reasons it will sound strange when I say that Christians are helped on our journey of faith when we focus our eyes on two places at once.  Obviously, I'm speaking of spiritual vision here.  


The first place we focus our eyes is to the horizon, for we long for the return of Jesus Christ and the fullness of the Kingdom in God which he establishes and in which there is no more mourning, dying, crying, suffering or pain.  In that Kingdom, we will rejoice to be with our King, celebrating his rule, redemptive work, majesty and glory.


The second place we focus our eyes, all the while looking to the horizon, is right where we are.  We take after Jesus in this.  His eyes were always focused on the people among whom and the places in which he found himself.  His presence with particular people and in particular places made a difference.  He wasn't just gazing at the horizon; he was involved in the nitty gritty of life.


Revive Rochelle reminds us that God is interested (dare we say even fond) of places like Rochelle and the people who live in them.  How might the Lord use you as His hands and feet in this place we call home?  The opportunities are endless and they don't even have to be "churchy" to be honoring to the Lord.  The key is that dual focus: we wait and watch AND we see and act.


May it be that the Lord brings forth fruit as we seek Him for our city! 



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