September greetings from Casa Hogar

September 6, 2017

This past week we have been getting the effects of a tropical storm down here and we haven't had much of a break from the rain. We found out our roof leaks in a couple spots and now have to wait until things dry to fix it.  It also has caused some of our corn to fall, so we have been eating the ears of corn and Jony and the boys have been making the rest into silage. Pray that the rain lets up, too much of a good thing ends up not being so good in the end.


A couple weeks ago school started back up. We have Gererdo finishing up his last year and Javier making up one of the classes he failed this semester. Javier is still keeping his job at an auto body shop while he makes up one of his classes.


We are still working on the finishing touches of the dorm rooms. Just this weekend, we had a new door installed on the second level that will lead to a ramp that goes down for wheelchair access. We are also finishing up the walls in the lower rooms and the ceilings, so they will be ready to be painted.


Down here September is the month for to celebrate Mexico's independence, so Jony is working with the boys on a Mexican dance for the Mexican fiesta in a couple of weeks.


A few days after we lost a zebu calf to sickness, we were blessed with the birth of a bull calf from one of our milk cows and soon will be enjoying milk, butter, and cheese again.


We are very grateful to have God on our side even when things go wrong, whether it be in loss or need, or having plenty; we have the constant promise that God is with us and working for our good. We don't lose hope if we keep our eyes on Him. And for that reason we continue on this journey. We should not only be thankful when things are going well but also in times of need or struggles. We serve a Great God and he is in control.


We thank you all for your constant prayers and support. May God bless you and reveal more of himself to you each day!


Jony and Amber Cruz


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