May 2, 2017

Well it's been about a month since we've been back from the States.


When we returned we were thankful to find everything in order and no major issues. We were told that the boys really missed us while we were gone. There were days when they were found just sitting around looking sad, and when asked what was wrong they said that things just felt more quiet, more lonely without us there.  Also while we were there we had ask for special prayer over Omar, I'm happy to say that while we were gone one of our workers noticed a change from one day to another in him and since being back he has been a lot better to deal with than before. We haven't had any major problems with him and this used to be a frequent thing. We know God is at work in his life and we ask for your continued prayer for him.


Shortly after our return we hosted a family camp for our congregation in Huajuapan. We had a turnout of more than 140 people, who all pitched their tents on the orphanage property. It was a time of games, food, and good Christian fellowship. We were shocked by the turnout.


Also we were able to butcher our first two home-grown pigs and store away meat this month.  We just purchased a new baby pig to fatten up for next year.


God is good in all things. We were grateful to be back home and back in our routines. We were definitely blessed with our visit to the States and to be able to share with you all. Personally God was truly working in my life  through our trip and he continues to teach me after being home. I feel strengthened and refreshed.  I feel like he is renewing my spirit and challenging me in many ways.  Its truly is a privilege to serve such an awesome God.


Thanks to all who have contributed to God's work down here. We all play a special role in God's bigger plan. My prayer is that God awakens the hearts and souls of his people and that they are stepping out in obedience to him each and every day.


God bless,

Amber and Jony Cruz




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