CASA HOGAR - December News

December 13, 2017

Dear family in Christ,


Last time I wrote, I shared with you about a poor family with disabilities that we were wanting to help out. A few days after I last wrote we received a call that the 13-year-old boy with muscular dystrophy just passed away.  Jony went with his dad that next day to be with the family, help dig the grave, and talk about how we could still help them out.  He found the family heartbroken for the loss of their son.  Jony and his dad were 2 of about 12 people at the funeral and burial.  He told them what we could offer them and  they said they would have to think about it and get an answer to us.  This all happened on a Wednesday and by Saturday we had their answer that they wanted the help and were ready to move in with us.  That same day the dad went out to work for the day and when he returned home his wife and daughter were no longer there.  The owner of his house had closed everything up since they weren't able to pay the past month's rent (they pay less than $10 a month to live in a tiny shack with dirt floor).  The next day a neighbor of his who is a friend of ours found the guy in town drunk. When he saw him he started crying, and asked why we had taken his family from him, if he wanted the help also. He was told that we weren't the ones who took them, but that the neighbors said they saw them leave in a green vehicle.  As of now we still don't know what happened with his wife and daughter.   Sad to say that after all of that, we were not able to help them out.

On a lighter note, we finished the tiling in the dining room and kitchen. It completely changed the look of everything. It looks very nice.  We are now working on a wheelchair ramp from the second story of the dormitories.   Meanwhile Jony and the boys have been planting oats and such for winter and Jony was very excited to try out his new irrigation system since we are now in dry season.

We also enjoyed a thanksgiving meal with all the boys and all of Jonys' family a couple weeks ago, which was topped off with a game of soccer. 

We ask that you would lift up Vero, Manuel and Omar in your prayers. We need God to work a miracle in their lives. Vero is Manuel and Omar's mom who also lives here with us. She has the mind of a child.  This past month we had to pull Manuel out of school. He was failing all his classes. We are coming to the realization that both of Vero's son are showing some of the same mental issues that she shows.  We have come to the understanding that these 3 will most likely be with us for life.  So join us in praying for them. We serve a mighty God who is able to do the impossible!

As Christmas approaches, our prayer is that your hearts and eyes would be on Jesus, the true reason for this season.  May we all finish this year off strong standing firm on his word and following him each and every day.  We are blessed to team together with all of you in prayer and we thank you for the many ways you have blessed our life this past year. Whether it be through your prayers, encouraging words, or support.  It all helps us to push forward and continue to do what the Lord has led us to do. May God bless you and keep you!

Merry CHRISTmas!

Amber and Jony Cruz and family



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